53 is the age you should stop wearing jeans

If you would care about the public opinion, some jeans enthusiasts like Jeremy Clarkson and Madonna should consider changing their wardrobe.

A study conducted in the UK suggested that the age at which people should stop wearing this clothing item is 53.

The former presenter of Top Gear Clarkson is 56- years-old and queen of pop Madonna are 58.

The study conducted by KolektPlus company dedicated to the British custom of wearing jeans suggested how difficult most women find their perfect pair of jeans.

Ladies spend twice as much time searching for the perfect jeans than men.

The survey also shows that choosing this type of clothing is often a stressful experience.

6% of the 2.000 respondents said that they were so annoyed by the inability to find the perfect pair of jeans that have burst into tears. The British claimed they have at least tested three pairs until they found the ideal model.

One in 10 people revealed they are trying six pairs or more before they find the perfect one.

Despite the time allocated to this search, 24% of respondents admitted that they have not found the perfect pair of jeans, while 30% of respondents did not hide the fact that  they finally gave up the opportunity to have a pair of pants.

The lucky ones who found their ideal jeans admitted they become attached to the clothing item and wear the pair of jeans for three years before they decide to go hunt for a new one.

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