Debauchery queens of the ancient world

Many empresses and queens of ancient history remain known for their amorous passions. Reports of the authors of that era have described they had extraordinary adventures: sexual marathons, incestuous relationships and prostitution.

Here are some of the most infamous royalties:
The harlot princess
Messallina Valeria, wife of Roman Emperor Claudius became famous in the first century for her cruelty and debauchery. An antique author reported that the queen used to compete when it came to sex against the most depraved prostitutes. Messalina is known to have challenged the most famous prostitute in Rome, Scylla, to see who lasts longer during such a sexual marathon. After both had sex with 25 men, Scylla gave up, but Messalina continued for several more hours. A legend speaks about Messalina’s impressive number of men with who she had intercourse to be more than 8,000.

Oral pleasures with 100 nobles

Cleopatra became queen of Egypt in the first century BC and remained in history because of myths about the  love relationships she had with leaders of the Roman Empire like Julius Caesar and Antony and the Jewish king Herod. Other legends have brought attention to her sensuality, but some of them presented her in defamatory circumstances. According to one myth, Cleopatra was portrayed as giving oral pleasure one night to a number of 100 Roman soldiers and nobles. In another story about the Queen of Egypt is said that she received from Julius Caesar, as a gift, a golden phallus.

Agrippina, the empress who seduced her son

Julia Agrippina, the foster mother of the Roman emperor Nero, lived in the first century AD and became famous for her incestuous relationship with her son, in a bid to seize power over the Roman Empire. According to some historians, sexual relations between the two were known to the Roman citizens. The mother and her child did not hide even when they were walking with on the litter on the streets. But Agrippina ended after a plot hatched by Nero when she objected to one of his adventures. The emperor ordered the murder of his stepmother and, according to testimonies of ancient authors, was the one who, finding her lifeless body, said goodbye to her by kissing her breasts.

The three sisters of Emperor Caligula

One of the most controversial characters of ancient Rome was Emperor Caligula, who would have turned the Capitol into a huge brothel busy with call girls, many of them being wives and daughters of those killed in a barbaric way by the emperor. Caligula’s cruelty had relatively no end, especially with him violating even his sisters Julia Agrippina, Julia Drusilla and Julia Livilla, sometimes on the tables full of food in front of guests. Other ancient authors argue that the sisters were the ones who allowed the king to use them as prostitutes and have sex with them.

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