First teacher with Down syndrome hired in Argentina

When Noelia was only a child, she was refused the entry to kindergarten because she was considered ‘a monster.’

Now, 31-year-old Noelia Garelli is educating children from a nursery. She became the first person with Down syndrome who has obtained such a post in Argentina and one of the only ones in the world, according to The Independent.

Noelia managed to put an end to prejudice that exists worldwide for persons with disabilities related to cognitions as the Down syndrome.

It was demonstrated that such a person can meet the demands of a post of caretaker to children from the nursery.

During the ‘exam’ which she sustained with the children for getting the job, Noelia is listening carefully to the children while she is clearly reading a story to them. They are having a lot of fun when the woman started imitating a shark, showing her teeth in a suggestive way.

‘I love doing this. Since I was little I dreamed of becoming a teacher because I love children very much. I want them to listen while I am reading because today people have to listen to each other,’ said Noelia.

The determination which the young woman showed convinced her colleagues to hire her in the northern city of Cordoba.

Initially, the decision of officials was to not let Noelia take this job, but other educators and parents of children in kindergarten addressed the mayor and said that they see no reason why the woman can’t be a good caretaker for the little ones.


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