Freshly squeezed orange juice is bad for your health

A drink that most of the times are considered extremely healthy was labeled a ‘great deception’ by a group of researchers.

For most Americans when you are saying ‘healthy breakfast’ they are thinking about cereals, eggs and of course… orange juice. Recently, the third ‘musketeer’ was avoided by most consumers.

According to research conducted by a group of nutritionists is very similar to any commercial soda or   drink with sweeteners, writes Business Insider.

A glass of 350 ml of orange juice has 153 calories and contains 34 grams of carbohydrates. It also has 27 grams of sugar and 2.4 grams of protein – about the same nutritional value as a bag of M & M’s.

In recent years, nutritionists and bloggers everywhere started an anti-orange juice campaign, so, if you do a search on Google with the words ‘orange juice is good for you’ the first articles that will appear are ‘Why orange juice is steady killing you’ and the No. 1 reason to avoid orange juice.

‘I lost count of patients who believe that orange juice is good for respiratory problems and heart’, stated Sammy Margo, physiotherapist, and spokesman for the Society Certificates of Physiotherapy, who believes that the idea of orange juice providing vitamin C is absurd.

‘From working with patients suffering from cystic fibrosis, we know that it can actually worsen the situation’, said Margo.

‘Orange juice (I am referring to the processed rather than the freshly squeezed) is forming mucus and other thicker secretions’

For doctors who tried to regulate people’s respiratory systems with orange juice, this is a nightmare.

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