Generation Z and Y, the generations that needs to teach older ones

Generations Z and Y (Millennials) are the only generation in history which, although are younger, have the opportunity to teach the older generation, says Mihaela Perianu, managing partner in the company with activities in human resources, AIMS Romania .

Generation Z includes only young people entering the labor market, and the Millennials generation includes those aged up to 29 years.

‘The Generation X (those aged between 35 and 50 years) have two completely different generations behind them. Generations Z and Y are the only generations in history which, although younger, have the opportunity, and the obligation to teach the older ones. All companies need to have these young people, they can create a business and a perspective that is more adapted to the present,’ said Mihaela Perianu, managing partner in the company with activities in human resources.

Now, the two generations are connected the most with the new technologies, but also have a greater openness to new tools that can assemble a business.

‘Succeeding generations have the capacity to adapt to the new, we believe we’ve built the world as well. We train young generations for some professions about which we know nothing, do not know what trades will be in the future,’ added Mihaela.

For this reason, experts in HR believe that any company should have in its structures employees from the Generation Z, young people just entering the job market, but also from the Millennials generation (those aged up to 29 years) because they bring a much more realistic perspective because of the connection they have with new technologies.

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