Geofeedia, banned from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

According to the ACLU, Geofeedia collected and analyzed data users on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for an investigation conducted by the American police to identify inappropriate behaviors of police officers regarding the use of force.

Both Facebook and Twitter have blocked the app’s access to social networking data after discovering that Geofeedia provided personal information for 500 law enforcement agencies.

Social networks believed this is a violation of the agreements signed with the company.

‘Because Geofeedia obtained access to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a developer could access a data stream from in an automated way, contrary to the terms of the Service’ said ACLU lawyer Matt Cagle in a posting on his blog.

‘With this particular type of access Geofeedia took public data users content and made it available to about 500 customers involved in the public safety and law enforcement’, added Matt Cagle.

Besides analyzing public postings from Instagram with the API developer, Geofeedia signed an agreement with Facebook to get a stream of the public posts on the social networking, the discussing topics discussed regarding specific events and the locations of the users.

Twitter did not provide full access to its messages and data network users to Geofeedia but offered the app access to a database, which contained public network messages.

Facebook banned Geofeedia access to its network in September. Twitter canceled the contract with Geofeedia right after attorney Matt Cagle posted a message on the ACLU blog, banning the app from using any information from the social network.

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