How can we easily multiply the number of neurons?

How can we influence the production of neurons? Although we tend to think that this process is extremely complicated, it is not so and the manner is extremely simple.

In a TED conference, neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret tried to explain this phenomenon, and that understanding it to be much easier, it began by referring to hippocampus, which is located in the center of the brain and has an extremely great importance in learning and memory, but also in generating states of mind or feelings. According to studies initiated by scientists we produce 7,000 neurons in each day. The replacement of neurons between them is ongoing, those with which we are born totally being changed over the time.

However, why is this phenomenon so important and what does it mean? It is extremely important for memory, and examples on how this phenomenon works are extremely simple: Knowledge example of a city or explain how you are able to know where you can take your bike every day. Moreover, the genesis of neurons is linked with the major depression, as it inhibits the production of neurons.

We can control the genesis of neurons? This can be improved by a constant brain activity; the most commonly cited example is that of reading or learning. Stress will stop this process, and sleep, sport and sex are beneficial factors in the production of neurons. But as we age, the production decreases.

And what we eat has a decisive effect on the hippocampus and the production of neurons. Eating chocolate and blueberry helps the emergence of new neurons and the alcohol consumption, deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin E deficiency inhibits this process.

However, the most important aspect is the way in which the nutrition develops, how we eat with the crucial result in this process. Thus, a light diet helps in the production of neurons, for the restriction of calories may improve memory.

Besides these issues, scientists are trying to find a way that production of neurons to be protected not only influenced.

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