Huawei refused to work with Google on the Pixel collection

After they finished their collaboration with Google Nexus, Huawei was among the American giant’s favorites regarding the new collection of Pixel smartphones.

However, due to a mysterious reason the Chinese company refused to close a new deal with Google.

According to sources inside the company, Huawei was not very happy to hear that their name and official logo was not supposed to feature on the new hi-tech devices.

The rumors were also confirmed by a group of representatives from Huawei, who disclosed the top secret information for

Huawei vice president Colin Giles said that the organization they worked for has abandoned the deal after Google declared they only want to attach their name on the upcoming smartphones.

Regarding the Nexus terminals, the new units were supposed to feature the name and the logo of the companies who developed the devices and worked in partnership with the US giant.

Huawei, which is number three on the global market for smartphones, claimed they don’t need this contract. Shortly after, they acquired HTC, a company with numerous financial difficulties.

In 2015, Huawei entered into a partnership with Google to produce the Nexus 6P. You may have noticed the 5X and 6P were announced and marketed a bit more boldly than previous Nexus smartphones. They had special warranties, fairly large advertising campaigns (for Nexus devices), and Google even offered device financing for them on its Project Fi MVNO.

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