Hypnosis can solve both mental and physical problems

Hypnosis produces changes on the psychic and facilitates the healing of diseases. Hypnotherapy is used with very good results for a wide range of issues: anxiety disorders (panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, specific phobias, social phobia), depression, PTSD, addiction disorders, psychosomatic (migraine, asthma, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, skin disorders), sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, chronic and acute pain intensity reduction, optimizing athletic performance and learning etc.

‘Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that accesses the unconscious psyche, allowing deeper awareness, traumatic memories, impulses or inner conflicts. Through hypnosis the patients achieve greater control over thoughts, emotional balance, behavior modification, improved performance. It comes into contact with the inner resources that can lead to a problem-solving or emotional conflict and is better regulating mental health, increases self-control and self-confidence,’ says Ina Baranga, a psychotherapist.
The reasons that drive people to turn to hypnosis are different. ‘Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself. It is only one component of a complex therapeutic process. Hypnosis supports therapeutic approach by increasing receptivity to suggestions, by accessing the unconscious part of the mind, by unlocking the creative and imaginative abilities. The patient is helped to use their unconscious skills in a constructive manner, to gain greater control over their own health and wellbeing,’ said the psychotherapist.

During hypnosis, the person is relaxed, breathing is slowed down and eyes are closed, so they’re asleep. ‘Even the term hypnosis induces this idea, because it comes from Hypnos, which in ancient Greek means sleep and was also the name of the god of sleep. In fact, the patient is in a relaxed wakefulness and is aware of the external stimuli, but ignores them. The attention is focused on feelings and inner images indicated by the therapist. In the hypnotic trance, alpha brain waves are specific to the state of calm, relaxation, daydreaming or moments before falling asleep,’ added Ina.

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