Nicolae Iorga lands in Albania

The bust of the great Romanian historian and politician Nicolae Iorga, realized with the support of ICR sculptors Zisa and Mario Mușa, will be unveiled on November 19th at 12:00 in Albania, Sarandë, in the presence of Albanian and Romanian State officials.

The event is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute, through the Department of Romanians Abroad, in partnership with the Nicolae Iorga Fundation, located in Sarandë, the Romanian Embassy in Tirana, with the support of City Hall Sarandë, informs the Romanian Cultural Institute in a press declaration sent to MEDIAFAX.

The ceremony will take place on the boardwalk Hasan Tahsin. Albanian and Romanian state officials are invited, along with representatives of local Romanians and Aromanians authorities in the region and some socio-political and cultural personalities in the two countries.

The event will conclude with an Aromanian festival, performed by Eliza Nirlu and her orchestra band and the folk band Dor.

On the same occasion due to the contributing Association East Romanian from Chisinau (President Cubreacov), the Moldova national mail issued a limited edition of five personalized stamps and a special envelope dedicated to the unveiling of the sculpture of the great historian Nicolae Iorga.

Nicolae Iorga (1871-1940) was historic Romanian writer and politician, academician and professor, and also the Prime Minister of Romania (April 19th 1931-6 June 1932).

His lectures on the history of Albania, had given the London Conference (1913) arguments for affirming the rights of the Albanian people, which were published in 1919 in the book entitled ′Brève histoire de l’Albanie et du peuple albanais′.

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