People didn’t know how to react at the new head of Jesus

A statue that embodies the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, lying in front of a Catholic Church in Canada, sparked amusement and uprising of local residents after a woman’s unsuccessful attempt to restore it.

For almost a decade the white marble statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus Catholic Church was in front of St. Anne des Pins, a suburb of Sudbury, Canada. In time, vandals destroyed Jesus’ head of the statue. Although it was rebuilt in time a year ago Jesus’ head was again destroyed. The statue remained in the destroyed state for several months, during which the church priest Gerard Lajeunesse asked a local craftsman to realize a new head for the statue. But the procedure would cost around $7,500.

During the same period, the priest was visited by a local artist, Heather Wise, who had seen the statue while walking with a friend in the area. ‘It was so sad. I said: I am an artist, I can recover it,’ said the woman.

The artist learned to carve at a local college, but never worked flint. However, she has felt compelled to offer her help. ‘I knocked at the door and talked to the priest,’ she added.

She worked for many hours to make an orange clay head. ‘To make the statue of Jesus for the church was the most honorable moment of my whole career,’ she explained.

After attaching the new head, reactions were quick to emerge from the parishioners, who were angry, surprised or disappointed, the priest Lajeunesse said.

The head is temporary and it will be soon replaced with a new one made of stone. ‘It was the first attempt. We hope that when it will be ready it will please everyone,’ the priest added.

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