Researchers discovered that adults could learn again as easily as children.

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A child’s brain can accumulate information much faster than one of an adult. In childhood, they can quickly learn two foreign languages or play some musical instrument. Researchers believe they have discovered a method by which the adult brain could learn as fast as that of a child.

Children and teenagers are able to learn certain skills more quickly than most adults. In the future, the statement makes sense because the brain is much more malleable when you are young. But as the aging process begins, the brain loses its elasticity. As the brain and personality are more stable is gets harder to change.

In a modern world that is constantly changing, adults must continually learn new techniques and skills. Researchers are investigating new ways to rebuild the elasticity of the brain, like the young ones, but in adults, said Richard Freidman, professor of psychiatry and director of Weill Cornell Medical Center (USA).

In an experiment, the experts administered Valproate antidepressants to a small group of 24 participants. Through this drug is intended to maximize the chances of learning to identify certain musical frequencies. They were compared with a group of men who were given placebo drugs.

Test through which they can determine if they developed the ability to recognize the frequencies of music is very good and to assess how malleable the brain is because it seems closely related to the ‘critical period for learning’ ability.

The brain is an incredibly complex organ, often described as ‘the most complex object in the universe’. Drugs, antidepressants or psychedelics, may cause long-term changes.

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