The Team

Our team is a group of four writers that are passionate about science. They come from different fields of study and have united their strengths into building a great website where people can find out only the interesting news. This idea came because we are sick of all the tabloids and all the junk news all over the internet.

We are here to provide the readers with some interesting information from different fields like medical, history and culture.

We want to provide quality news to those who seek information about technology!

EDITOR: Brent Green

Controls and regulates the flow of information and materials of the editorial. He is the one that receives various materials for the website and prepares them. He writes about breakthroughs in different fields of studies and assigns articles to our specialists and enthusiastic authors. Brent not only writes good articles, he is the one that makes our website to reflect only the latest and interesting news.

Kristina Shaw (Cultural News)

Kristina is a young actor that’s very interested in the cultural events that happen all over the world. She values creating content that is clear, correct and instantly sensible. She has over 5 years of experience as a creative writer. For our team, she is very important. Ms. Shaw conducts research to obtain real information and authentic details, utilizing sources such as newspaper, diaries, and interviews. On some specialized cultural events, she collaborates with other writers and together they create incredible reports of culture.

Marshall Mcbride (History News)

Marshall is the one that writes about historical events and how can they influence the future. He is not a historian, but he doesn’t neglect the historians when writing facts. He loves to talk about the past, but he likes to let the reader form his own opinions. He is not the type of person to influence his audience and that’s one quality you rarely find in journalists. As a journalist, Marshall feels that there are so many things that are going on in the world right now that we think of as news that you simply cannot begin to comprehend without understanding the history behind them first.

Theresa Mack (Medical News)

Theresa went to Medical School, but she discovered later on that that’s not her true calling. She started to write for our publication while still in college and in time she became on of the best writers on our website. That’s how she discovered it was time for a career change! On the Medical Category of our website you will find a great destination for trustworthy medical and health news and information, and health and nutrition advice too.

Kelvin Wallace (Science News)

Kelvin understands that science news must be exceptionally pointed by point, very specific, and in a frequent language information. Our science journalist takes the information that is created by researchers and transforms it into a shape that non-researchers can comprehend and acknowledge. In this field, he puts his mark in the reports, while making people understanding the information precisely.

Ruth Tran (Technology News)

Ruth is a very experienced writer with over 10 years of experience and very passionate about the technology field. He was an engineer for 5 years before becoming a journalist. He is the one that finds breaking news, tech news and multimedia on the Internet, telecommunications, wireless applications, electronics, science, computers, e-mail and the Web and transforms them into incredible reports for our online publication.

Nicole Redinger (Travel News)

Nicole is the free spirit of the company. She is a travel guide and in her spare time, she writes for our publication. She understands that travel journalism should add to the wealth of information already out there in guidebooks and on websites, so she seeks out more, like places to eat, drink, visit – often the places locals might frequent. Nicole will give you the desire to travel and will make you want to visit everything she already visited.