The wonderful Maldives islands

When you say Maldives, turquoise lagoons, islands full of exotic, sun and relaxation away from the relentless hum of the city and daily stress come to my mind.

Since your arrival at Male airport you’re greeted with a smile. Everyone is open, kind, determined to convince you that you arrived to paradise.

In the Maldives, each resort occupies an entire coral island, so guest privacy is a priority everywhere. Don’t imagine vast areas of islands, but islands bordered by white sandy beaches and bathed in green coconut stands, bungalows scattered on the beaches or spread out over the tranquil waters of the lagoons, wooden comfortable swings hanging from palm trees and designed to pamper viewers with spectacular sunrises and sunsets or even unexpected jumps of dolphins in the clear blue water.

Given the proximity to the equator, sunrise and sunset times are extremely short, less than 30 minutes, but compensate with some incredible colors.

Transfers from and to the airport are done by boat or seaplane. If you’re a fan of heights, then I dare to say that once in Maldives you should not miss a seaplane ride, which will reveal the impressive panorama of the archipelago, painted in infinite shades of blue.


Scuba diving, snorkeling, boating hull glass or sunset cruises are some of the beauties for which these places have become famous worldwide. Even a trip fishing offshore is an experience that exceeds expectations.


The fascinating diversity of the aquatic world and the water clarity, with juvenile coral sharks arriving very close to shore, thousands of multicolored fish and aquatic vegetation, groups of dolphins playing offshore, catfish seemingly unblinking, all remain in the memory for long after you leave the islands.

Whether you are on your honeymoon, you want a family vacation or just an escape from everyday life, Maldives means the ultimate pampering and relaxation place that you need.

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