Vegan mother, who fed her baby only with fruits and nuts is facing legal charges

A vegan mom fed her baby only with fruits and nuts for 11 months. Now she is facing legal charges for endangering her child’s life.

The 33-year-old mother was so proud to be a vegan she wished her son to live after the exact same rules and principles as she did.

However, her family believed that her choices regarding the baby’s alimentation were taken to extremes.

From their point of view, her feeding habits represented a danger to the child. Also, according to the family members, her vegan lifestyle became more of an obsession.

‘She was going to live with water and sunlight’, stated her sister for CBS Pittsburgh.

When Elizabeth Hawk who is originally from western Pennsylvania began to feed her baby only with fruits and nuts, the baby became alarmingly pale.

The boy developed, according to her step-sister, Brandy, the most disturbing rash and seemed to have lost the control over his motor skills.

The mom, however, insisted that the reason it was an allergy, not the unappropriate diet.

This argument did not convince her ex-husband, Jerry Hawk, who took the child from the mother and took him to a specialized institution in Fayette County.

According to the, the child was then transferred from there to a hospital in West Virginia.

A doctor said, according to WKBN Pennsylvania, the lack of nutritious food caused a ‘failure in its growth system’ and his critical condition could lead to a septic shock.

Parents must make sure that children are provided with sufficient calories and establish a balance of nutrients.

In 2001, for example, a group of nutritionists has published recommendations for young children who are following a vegan diet in the American Journal of the Dietetic Association.

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