Why Prince William is not wearing a wedding band?

The unusual traditions followed by Queen Elizabeth II and her successors generated a major media frenzy. Numerous netizens are creating all sorts of funny stories about these strange habits adopted by the Royal members.

After the mystery regarding the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge’s behavior as a couple and the fact that they never hold hands, fans developed a new dilemma: why Prince William is not wearing a wedding band?

After he surprised his fiancee with an incredible wedding ring encrusted with a blue sapphire and diamonds, which belonged to his late mother, Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to unite their destinies in the most opulent and extravagant ceremony.

After just one year, beautiful Kate and her Prince gracefully walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, under the eyes of millions of viewers.

But the most interesting fact is that during their ceremony they did not exchange rings. Apparently, Prince William is not a fan of this tradition.

The Duke of Cambridge refused to wear this symbol of eternal love because, according to him, wearing a wedding band is an extremely outdated tradition.

Although William decided to say ‘No’ to the wedding ring, Kate wears it all the time. The customized piece of jewelry was created by a group of crafters from Wales Wales and the raw material (gold) has been offered by the Queen. At the wedding ceremony, Kate also wore the most beautiful Cartier tiara, lent to her by the Queen.

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